CTmZ: “in 90 days”

It is with pleasure that I write this article. #CTMZlive continues to redefine itself, grow and evolve, not without it’s setbacks. CTMZ has of late, solidified itself within the Crypto Twitter sphere as a legitimate and unique “live Crypto Twitter podcast show”.

Within 12 short episodes the CTMZ team has brought controversy, laughter, drama & even a hint of knowledge to their following base.

In an effort to truly create something different and in a short amount of time CTMZ is already expanding into the broader spectrum of the crypto community and its events within.

We are thankful & proud of the list of guests that we’ve had the pleasure to speak with. Some are loved by the community, others not so much, but never-the-less, they were all entertaining.

Just to name a few:

  • Episode 6: The controversial Richard Heart
  • Episode 8: Notorious John & Janice McAfee
  • Episode 9: Former BTC advocate Roger Ver
  • Episode 11: The ever respected and respectful Andreas Antonopoulos

We were also joined by people well known to the Twitter community such as The Juice, Peter Mccormick from the successful podcast “What Bitcoin Did” and many others that we all enjoyed.

CTMZ also works in conjusction with @cryptoeuclid and @mysticaloaks’s successfully funny & original “Euclid & Oaks Morning Coffee” show….ssiiippppp

Also in the works, a pilot show, “The Rabbit Hole – with Ably” co-hosted by the true OG, @BitcoinBegger. A live show that will indulge deeper into the industries tech, psychology, political views & motives with a tad of conspiracies.

So much effort & personalities, CTMZ is showing support for the creative and talented minds that helped build what is known as Crypto Twitters goto channel for the latest happenings.

In just under 100 days, CTMZ has successfully partnered with some excited sponsors, recognizing CTMZ’s vision, uniqueness and potential.

We are so proud to have these companies as our sponsors:

– Theflow Water Bottles, a mom’s and pops Amazon business that has so far given hundreds of bottles to our friends and followers.

– Beaxy Exchange, our latest sponsored deal, more importantly building a trusted friendship with us. We are witnessing true work ethics within the Beaxy team. CTMZ is truly grateful for Beaxy and all of us are real believers in the Beaxy product.

With more sponser in the works we believe this is just the beginning. Our dreams are literally coming into fruition.

We would like to give a warm and heartfelt thank you to people supporting us, such as @money_allota, one of the most creative up-and-coming talents of this industry, even snagging a paid job with John McAfee and a favored spot on the McAfee team.

Alotta Money has been supporting our artistic needs from day one and we are proud to call him family along side @CrypToromx.

We also want to thank all those who in some way or another took the time to give and show support to the CTMZ project, we appreciate every single one of you. You know who you are.

We are beyond grateful to our avid followers, the ones which show up for every episode, blasting our trollbox, commenting on our posts and retweeting our shows. It warms our hearts, you do not go unnoticed!

Thank you!!


Alby (@voice0fcrypo)


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