McCormack vs Heart

If you’re on Twitter long enough, you know that things get pretty heated around here. Chartists may call out other chartists, trolls call out influencers and everything else in between happens on the timeline, especially in this bear market.

The Plot

Peter McCormack, founder of the successful podcast “What Bitcoin Did” has taken to Twitter dot com to call out the creator and founder of BitcoinHex, Richard Heart.

Peter has decided that BitcoinHex, a project that is about to launch on the Ethereum network and airdrop its tokens to BTC holders, is a scam and any credibility that Richard had in the past is now dissolved along with his integrity to Bitcoin.

Basically, what Peter is trying to say is that Richard is creating a “shitcoin” money grab. You would think Peter is a Bitcoin Maximalist reading his aggressive tweets towards Richard, yet Peter had diversified most of his portfolio in 2017 with altcoins. With that, Richard points out, while Peter is hating on him for creating a scam (shitcoin/altcoin), Peter has paid advertising and interviews for what Richard refers to as, scammers and shitcoin creators.

Some might see that as a bit hypocritical on Peters part.

This thread goes on for miles and I’ll link it at the end of the article.

Personally, I have a soft spot for both Peter and Richard, both are interesting in their own unique ways, while both are controversial to say the least.

They are popular and boost a strong following on Twitter and YouTube. They also generate great podcast content so it’s odd to me that they choose to argue via threads rather than just go live on camera.

Another point that left me questioning is that there used to be an interview with them debating these issues a few months back. Unfortunately it seems to have since been taken down. The reason is yet unknown.

Personally, I am hoping to see them hashing it out live on camera, seems like they both have a lot to say.

We @CTmZ_Live would be more than happy to be an unbias mediator if they allow it, as always we’re here for occasional such as these.



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