CTMZ Live! – Ep 6 – Richard Heart

We are joined by guest Richard Heart that goes in depth about his new project: Bitcoin Hex.

We talk about the rumors of Richard’s castle, and if he killed a guy, he shares some sex tips, and what he thinks rich people should be doing with their money!

We also get into memes, deep trolling, and pull-ups! With a unanimous dislike for Faketoshi and his public argument with @CryptoEuclid!

Honorable mentions to our resident doctor @Crytpo_Trogdor

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  1. Richard Heart is a scammer, just like Balina and Wright – he’s just smarter than them. You guys don’t seem to pick up on it at all, and appeared to be taken in like the newbies in his audience.

    A lot of what Richard said in this interview is false. Nobody tried to “defend Bitcoin” but him? Don’t be silly. The majority of the crypto space did exactly that, and Roger Ver has gone from ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ to ‘Bitcoin Judas’ because of it. Richard appeared very late in the game.

    It’s doubtful that Richard has been in the space since 2011, and mined 50 BTC blocks. Do you honestly believe somebody so narcissistic would have sat on the sidelines for SIX YEARS?? It’s more likely that Richard got in during the 2017 hype, and tried to play himself off as an OG. He may not be claiming to be Satoshi, but he has the same ability to prove his claims (signing blocks) – but so far, all he has are words. (I’m happy to be proven wrong on this, of course)

    His project is a clear cash grab. Another false claim is that he invented the idea. He didn’t. Look at ‘Proof of Weak Hands,’ and there’s been other lock-up programs on Ethereum, with interest payments. The only thing Richard has added are insane bonuses, and equal payments to himself. His game theory is just a load of waffle to make it sound clever to gullible people. He is right that it will pump on speculation, but it would do that regardless.

    It will pump and dump, and a lot of people will lose money because they bought it high – and you guys have tacitly endorsed that by letting him spread his scam further, unchallenged.

    He also claims people don’t want him to change the name. Where do you think the name came from? HE named it Bitcoin Hex to begin with. This whole “Oh it’s too late now and the community prefers it” is just more misdirection.

    It’s so scammy that Richard is even back to his old tricks of using spam emails to spread awareness of the project.

    Nobody with any common sense would endorse this project, or buy these tokens on an exchange. There are respected Bitcoiners who have called this out for what it is, but you guys just gave him a pass – and another platform to spread this rubbish.

    Richard is clever, and he is right about certain things – but he’s using his smarts to convince people this is a good idea so, ultimately, he will profit at the expense of others. There’s no more to it than that.

    Sorry guys – you got played just like everybody else. Richard is not the kind of person this space needs. He’s a con artist.

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