From Corporate Slave To Crypto Hustler

Ian Balina made his first million dollars back in 2017 via crypto, he reached $5.6 million within that same year. What came next was unexpected.

Some background

The Ugandan native immigrated to the United States at the age of eight. After receiving his masters in Computer engineering at George Washington University, Ian went on to receive a corporate career at IBM.

I was earning a six figure salary, but I did not feel I was a free man“.

Ian sharing the stage along side Michelle Obama at graduation.

Ian recalls that he first invested in crypto shortly after a friend showed him a 200% return on his blockfolio. He mentions how he was still cautious and bought only $150 worth of Ethereum when it was just 10$. Within a short couple of weeks Ian noticed major ROI’s, “I knew I had to go all in”.

Estimates of his initial investment range differently depending where you look but it seems Ian turned $36,000 into $5.6 million in just under a year – this was mostly through investing capital into ICO’s.

Ian who was already creating videos on YT showing how to make side money and how to better your financial life, turned his attention to creating crypto-investment videos.

It took off faster than he could ever imagine. Within very little time Ian would become a crypto influencer / advisor for his followers and crypto ptojects even exchanges.

With over a 100k following and his Blockfolio updated on his Instagram daily, showing his investments and gains, Balina become somewhat of a crypto guru, mostly, to crypto noobs, who were at this point in time, pouring into the market with pure fomo.

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Balina knew how to market himself for maximum engagement. Mind you, this was a time when anyone with a smartphone could have made a killing so long as they had some senses to put their money in anything crypto related.

Snap shots from Ians blockfolio

Looking at the dates in the last two photo snapshots, Balina made $22k in a matter of 24h.

It would be truly interesting to know how many people literally got rekt due to Balina’s direct influence. You see, Balina wasn’t a humble investor who hinted at a project ‘slightly’ with the odd chart or maybe pointed you in the direction of where to do some research on interesting ICO’s. No, Balina acted like a bling-bling baller showing off his multimillion dollar blockfolio daily.

People took his advice on what to buy but never received advice on when to sell and just like Balina himself, they lost anything they gained and more very quickly.

There is no shortage of articles calling out Balina as nothing more than a ‘snake oil salesman’. He showed what an absolute amateur he is when he supposedly got hacked while doing a live stream on YT. The amount? $2.5 million.

Well, you might say that’s ok, he made $5.6 million, he’s good. Umm, no, not really. You see the market crash took the rest of his $3 million portfolio within 2 months. Ian was left with nothing and it’s safe to say, his followers tanked with him.

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Most of you already know this and really this article is just a reminder for the noobs to be careful from charismatic individuals such as Ian, who will stop at nothing to enrich their pockets at the expense of others.

Current scam

Ian has now recently opened a paid trading group promising 100x on your investment for “only 1BTC” / per month. ($3,500 monthly)

This is BS!

Ian is clueless when it comes to trading, he has never promoted himself as a trader, especially not one who can manage a bear market. He literally lost $3 million dollars in a couple of short months.

Ian is trying to work his way back to what he lost and he is willing to rip your hard owned cash from you.

Please share this and stay vigilant. I’ll leave you with a tweet from someone who’s been here long enough to know


Writer :

Alby (@voice0fcrypto)

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