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@jack has recently appeared on @joerogan’s podcast. If you’ve missed it, here’s the link.

Sadly, you will learn nothing new and it would almost seem like the whole premise of the interview was established a head of time.

Joe Rogan, outright, denies these accusations, saying “I never thought to press him too hard on certain questions cause I saw it as a friendly conversation. But I can totally see why people are upset with me“.

There is nobody more upset, or should I say, enraged than Alex Jones. Alex, since that podcast, has literally lost his marbles and is calling for a full out war with Joe RoganThe Sneaky Snake“.

To try and unravel this spiraling story for you, I have to go back a few months. “Bare with me”.

Joe Rogan and Alex Jones, initially, have been friends since the late 90’s. Joe was a full blown conspiracy junkie, going as far as calling out NASA for their fake moon landings on many convincing occasions.

But! In the last couple of years, for reasons that are not obvious to me, Joe has pulled a complete 180 on his audience. Today it seems, Joe is unwilling to test the establishment narrative the way he used to do, so eloquently.

This became most evident on one of Joe’s podcasts alongside Neil D’grasse Tyson, a celebrity scientist, who questioned Joe’s career-long assertions about the moon landing hoax.

Joe, completely back pedaled with Neil on his previous stance about the nature of the moon landings, saying…

I’m an idiot, what do I know about space or propulsion systems & physics? I am definitely not in the position to make an informed conclusion about such topics

While the above is a mature statement to make, he completely allowed Neil to wiggle out of uncomfortable questions that are very legitimate when debating the moon landing narrative. Questions that Joe still holds till this day. Yet he did not press them onto his scientist-guest.

Now, once again Joe has allowed a guest to wiggle out of tough & important questioning, this time it was Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter dot com.

Joe’s audience and particularly the ‘alt right’ listeners expected a hard approach by Joe when the interview touched uppon the ever growing problem facing Twitter and other giant social medias… censorship.

Unfortunately, Joe Rogan, knowingly or not, allowed Jack Dorsey to be easily evasive with his answers regarding censorship on his platform. This angered listeners very much, including myself. It’s important to note that I might just be one of Rogans biggest fan. Yet that didn’t stop me from feeling massively disappointed in the way Joe handled the interview.

Joe has, since, spent the next 3 out of 4 interviewed-podcasts apologizing and explaining where he felt ‘he’ was wrong in the letting of Jacks evasive behavior go unchecked.

More so, Joe admitted that having Jack as a sponsor of the Joe Rogan podcast through Jacks ownership of the ‘Cash app’ was not helping the suspicion of his listeners. It only strengthened their beliefs that Joe took it easy on his own sponsor.

Yes, you heard correctly, Jack is the founder of the ‘Cash app‘ and the Cash app sponsors Joe Rogans podcast.


Jack Dorsey and Joe Rogan found it important to shill the Cash app during the interview, but found it less pressing to dive deep into the epidemic suspensions and denial of service that many Twitter users are experiencing through blatant censorship.

Above Alex holds a stuffed snake, impersonating Joe Rogan as “sneaky snake”

No one, arguably, has suffered more from Twitters-TOS than the infamous Alex Jones.

Alex, who has recently got banned from almost all major social media platforms (for life) has also, as of late, had trouble getting on his ‘friends’ podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

Alex being a long-time friend of Joe’s appeared on his podcast pretty frequently. Now? Not anymore.

Joe and Alex were very close before Alex’s banning on all the media giants. It seems now, Joe, has since taken similar steps as Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and others.

This was all too much for Alex to swallow and to add fuel to the fire, seeing Joe and Jack speak of censorship in such a disingenuous way, Alex literally lost his shit..

See Link below.

If you don’t have the time to watch, let me highlight some of the things Alex said about Joe.

  • Joe is a ‘sneaky snake’
  • Joe is a George Soros puppet
  • Joe and Jack are under pump&dump investigations
  • Alex will crush Joe Rogan
  • Joe rogan is part of the demonic occult
  • CIA shill

Etc.. Etc

While Joe is busy apologizing to his audience, Alex is busy building a case against Joe Rogan and his involvement with the establishment. In the meantime, Jack has promised to come back on the podcast very soon with someone from his Twitter team that can better answer the actions of the platform and its censorship.

I hope Joe will do it right next time.



Alby (@voice0fcrypto)

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