Philakone WTF?

Damn, where do I start?

Requests from the community came pouring in to write a detailed article following a Twitter storm that ensued minutes after @PhilakoneCrypto’s decision to doxx & threaten, what now seems to be his ex-girlfriend, @Sarahjo925.

It doesn’t seem to be obvious wether Phil was crazy enough to call out a ‘hit’ on Sarah or maybe just a ‘hack’. Either way, this shit is fucked up.

I received tons of DMs linking me to these tweets since some of my followers know my history with good- O’l Phil. I screenshot what I found and tweeted the outrage most of us felt.

[my original tweet has since been deleted. I unintentionally left some of Sahrahs personal info in my screenshots. My apologies]

It all started with Phil tweeting something vague about Sarah. It was difficult to understand wether he is blaming her for literally stealing $1.6mm or that he spent that money on her during their ‘short’ relationship. Either way, seems like a massive exaggeration of funds.

In return Sarah shot back with her own set of rebuttals.

For some unknown reason, Sarah claims Phil liquidated himself, but to be fair, its not obvious from the screenshot she posted.

Looking at the above screenshot from Sarahs phone, says a lot about the state of which their relationship has been lately but not much about the money Phil was referring to.

– first he admits to doing something very foolish.

Sarah asks him if he ‘used’, most likely meaning drugs.

he denies the drugs but says he ‘cashed out’ all his BTC [I’m not so sure that means ‘lose’ liquidated ] seems he just transferred to fiat.

Sarah lets him know that he’s manipulative, abusive & that he frightens her.

She then decides to doxx his phone number in retaliation for doxxing hers.

Shortly thereafter, her account went dark.

Phil is not known to be a humble guy. Even in regret and sorrow he finds a way to spin it all to make himself the victim while reminding you how rich he is from trading.

Hours after threatening the life if his ex-girlfriend, doxxing her to 100’s of thousands of people on Twitter, he finds the reasoning to treat himself to a Rolex, cause hes just that hurt.

To those who don’t know:

Phil is a self proclaimed “retired” 33 y/o crypto trader with a soon to be 110k followers account on Twitter dot com.

Below is an account that received a lot of attention. It is a confirmed troll on Philakone. Stating retribution for trying to scam him in 2017.

This account, which seems to have popped up minutes after Sarahs main account went dark/suspended is keeping busy telling the CT community about some of Phils most personal details which unfortunately goes as far as including the size of his…

I can personally verify this account is not Sarah but one of Phils many haters just trolling him.

[as of the writing of this article, the account seems to have been suspended or tweets deleted]

Since I personally have some history with Phil & have been following his never-ending dramas and flip-flops for over a year, I’m still unsure what to believe.

Phil and I go way back… He loves me.

Anyone who has been following me for a while knows I have a lot of fun using Philakone as one of my ‘entities’ for parody videos. I use a face Swap app to plant Phils face on mine and rant about different events that Phil chooses to share via Twitter. If it has any traction, I will usually go ahead and create a comedic parady of his rants.

These videos were not very welcomed by Phil for some odd reason. I thought he was serious when stating that his “sense of humour is contagious” right on his bio

The clip above was a parody of a video Phil uploaded to Twitter while he’s totally dramatic about airport security stopping him for bomb explosives (supposedly)

In another video [you can find on my page] he blames an innocent girl @cypher_funk for robbing him of all his belongings after getting really drunk at a Montreal bar.

In the stolen belongings: $500k worth of Bitcoin & $30k cash in three different currencies.

A ‘random day’ turned into a ‘random date’ in Phils mind.

Within a few hours the mood changed.

Next Photos were taken from @asidealex

In the video above Phil rants about his story, how he got robbed by a date in Montreal & that he is left stranded without any money or a place to stay.

Twitter went crazy as you would expect but it was short lived. Seems @cypher_funk got so drunk she passed out in an alley and got taken to the hospital.

Just goes to show, Philakone is no stranger to dramas & on many occasions he makes sure his followers are involved to indulge in the mess. Most of the time it seems he regrets it and deletes all evidence.

What happened last night with Sarah seems to be the same old story with Phil. He gets high, he gets paranoid, does crazy shit & thinks its a good idea to let 110k followers watch it all unfold.

If for any reason one of you thinks Phil is worth following for anything more than pure entertainment, please think again. There is no shortage of his douchery online. Just google him.



Alby @voice0fcrypto


  1. Don’t you think he’s going through a hard time right now. I don’t understand why people see that as an opportunity to exploit someone for humor. That face app thing bugs the hell out of people sometimes. I don’t think you’re funny.

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