once you’re in, it will seem like a world in and of itself. This notion really hits home the moment one opens their first ‘Crypto Twitter’ account & most likely, not their last. If you don’t own at least one alt-account, you’re probably too well behaved.

Bellow is a great piece by the very talented Anderson.


An inexperienced ‘Twittarian‘ will likely start their account doxxed, with some lame bathing suit photo, on a Mexican beach with a beer in hand, a stupid smirk and burnt skin. Basically, mimicking their Facebook profile photo.

A month in, reality sets and one begins to understand that they’re doing it all wrong. At some point they start to question themselves, why is no one following me? or even interacting with my comments?

The easy answer? Because to everyone else on Crypto Twitter, you reek of Instgram vanity.

You will likely encounter cynical replies containing words like, noob, pleb, catfish & reeee… & at some point the light bulb will eventually fire up over your head and the urban dictionary becomes your friend .

To those who spent time on Twitter prior to Crypto Twitter the migration may-be more subtle, but for others (such as myself) who never stepped foot on Twitter prior to crypto, the experience is of alien proportion.


The realization that cartoon characters, movie personalities, pepe re-creations, animal faces, food items or even body parts could be the standout – personalities of this environment, causes one to pause and truly try to embrace this new concept of interaction. Almost feeling like you’re at a never-ending Halloween party and no one ever takes their masks off.

Soon you begin to realize that there is literally a new concept of formality, language, tone and vibe that overcomes your natural instinct of social, online-behavior. Even when making ‘friends’ you most likely will not know their names, age, location, occupation and occasionally, even their sex.

With time you find your niche within this already small niche called Crypto Twitter and begin to find your new-self, your alter-ego so to speak. Pick a new name, character or avi and pretty much make a decision of what role in the community you’re taking upon yourself.


Some are drifters, the lucky ones (if you wanna call it that) join cliques, many just lurk quietly from the side.

Every corner of Crypto Twitter has its chart guys/girls, their community leaders, the opinionated and discussion creators, the devs, the podcast makers, the outspoken, the motivational speakers, the infamous catfish, the shitposters and meme creators.

Boogie for example is incredibly talented at captions, more so, his photoshop skills, which are a big part of the memes finished product.

Check this out!

Also, one of his best videos during the bear market below.


It is no secret which part of the community I gravitate towards the most and I think it’s safe to say no matter what part of the community you align yourself with, the shitposters and memesters have a special place in all our hearts. They keep this place light, funny, amusing and provocative. So if you’re anything like me and you’ve decided that shitposting is the way to go, life will mostly become much more tolerable & entertaining on Crypto Twitter.

On the one hand you’re never taken too seriously which means you could poke fun and talk about controversial issues without anybody really calling you out, on the other hand in order to be remotely funny and stay relevant, you must walk that fine line that resides between thought-provoking humor and just tasteless nonsense.

You need to take risks and you either end up hurting someones feelings or in this case….

When it comes to thought provoking memes, no one on Crypto Twitter knows how to walk this fine line better than @cryptofungus, he’s a savage.

Now, when we speak of shitposting, which is a completely different branch of creative-trolling than memes for example, @shitposterchild aka Funface has nearly perfected the art. You probably wont agree with me if you got the sharp end of the sword, but if you step back without bias, you’ll see that he is truly remarkable at what he does.

Have you ever heard the saying “all whiskeys are Scotch but not all Scotch are Whiskeys?”

Well the same is true here “all memesters are shitposters but not all shitposters are memesters”

The difference between a shitposter or just another troll is the intellectual ability to create an uncomfortable sense of feeling between yourself and your victim when in fact all you’re really doing is using humor and confusion to make them think you are actually serious about what you’re saying.

The longer you can keep this state of confusion up the better your shitposting skills are. Have no doubt about it, it’s an art and many, if not most, butcher it completely.

In this article I would like to put aside the shitposters and praise the meme creators. These are the people who take the time and effort to create art and turn meaning into meaningful. Memes come in two main categories – video form and photo form…

And when it comes to video form, there is no one who can rival, @cryptanzee!

Easily my favorite meme creator on the Crypto Twitter seen, who as of late, snagged an affiliate position with Beaxy Exchange. Almost every meme he makes would be considered a viral video in our book. He is clever and cunning. If you don’t know who he is or following, please just delete your account and go back to political twitter. Some of his best work…


Next is none other than @crypt0fungus who is essentially more of a photo memester, he’s got skillz and he knows how to make you think, at times his memes are so good it takes a while to realize they’re even a meme and not a real representation of the truth! Fungus will usually take the most recent events or dramas that are occurring & poke fun.

Photoshop pro..

His favorite victim Gates…

Check out his feed for many more!

Next is an up-and-coming meme champion and his name is

@money_alotta, French dude with talent that can even put Chimp on guard. Other than the amazing work he’s done for CTmZ_Live, he’s already done a bunch of rebranding for big names in the community. If you’re not following yet, make sure you do!

Alotta has it down, both with video and photoshop, here is some of his work…

Sweet photoshop…

Rebrands for Tyson, Fungus & Sherlock.. Breath taking.

Trolling of Roger Ver…

The man & the German accent. One of my true homies and the absolute positive vibe in this community.

Brekkie is all talent! He created some of the funniest videos, such as the one below, literally every voice is his. The talent is overwhelming.

Also…. One of the funniest Roubini trolls… Lmaooo

He’s made incredible meme art

And so much more! Check @cryptoBrekkie out!

Another very talented video meme creator is @CrypToroMx who as well, helped greatly with the CTmZ_Live show. Toro is what you consider a small gem in the making.

Some of his great work can be seen below..

Funny af…

And some photo skills..

If you don’t know @krypticrooks

That only means you haven’t been here long enough. The man is a legend & for a while he literally changed the landscape of Crypto Twitter with his art. Crooks is just about finished a year-long project of an intense mural of the CT community. When it comes out, mouths will drop. The amount of work that he’s put into the mural is hard to grasp.

@cryptodrawz is one talented mf’er. Personally he’s someone I’ve looked up to ever since I joined Twitter.

He does his art from scratch and is incredibly talented, check out his website for awesome clothes, crypyo related.

As of late I have found my all-time favorite creative account @kektoshi

The talent is unreal. I wont say too much, just check out some of his videos, words cant describe.

Give this talent a follow and go check out his page for more brilliant videos.

There are so many more I would like to mention & I promise to do so in a future article.


Written by

Alby @voice0fcrypto

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