Gates vs Tyson: “Shitcoin Shill vs Bitcoin Maximalist”

What was supposed to be a spontaneous ‘Pre-recorded’ episode of CTmZ_Live giving @CryptoWendyO a voice, for what seems to be the largest mob attack on a CT ‘personality’ thus far in 2019, turned into an explosive spectacle of ideological opinions and bias perspectives between two bulls.

Shill Gates, a known friend of Wendys, took this opportunity to reach out and squash some beef that built-up over months between himself & rival Crypto Mike Tyson.

“Go to Tysons page to see the original DMs” with Gates.

The whole point of the show was to shed a beacon of light to the community! That beefs can be delt with in a mature manner, respectfully and calmly.

Little did we know that no less than 30 seconds into Tysons arrival on the show, it would turn out to be nothing less than a verbal boxing match.

? “On the left we have the out spoken @cryptomiketyson Bitcoin Maximalist vs the notorious @StillShillGates shitcoins & shills“.

While we need to make it clear that Tyson isn’t necessarily a ‘hardcore’ Bitcoin maximalist, he does speak his mind when it comes to “shilling shitcoins by the sea shore“. He gave no leniency on the matter throughout the entire show. Later tweeting..

Gates, who isn’t known for backing out of a good fight on twitter , wasn’t going to let it be any different this time around. Gates showed no restrain in shouting the likes of, “fuck you Tyson, fuck you!” while at the same time, doing his best to try and stick and move around Tysons relentless ‘one-two-hook’ “shut the fuck up you retard, this shit is way over your fucken head”.

There was no shortage of memes to soon flood the twitter feed.

Anyone watching would agree it was quite intesnse.

Tyson is also one of the founders of @CTmZ_Live. Euci, Goddess and myself (Alby) found ourselves in a precarious position since we too are founders of the show inevitably making us Tysons partners.

What we generally planned behind the scenes (Euci, goddess & myself) did not manifest in the reality that played out.

To make this more unfortunate @cryptoSanity and @bitcoinBegger (also founders of CTmZ_Live) were unavailable to be present for the podcast and there for it was left to us to conduct it as impartial mediators to this unfolding circus.

It was difficult, as opinionated people, to watch from the side as this went on for over 60 minutes“.

Crypto Twitter is a complicated web of friends and rivals, cliques and lone wolves and in the case of Tyson vs Gates & Wendy, the plot thickened.

Euci and Goddess are perhaps the nicest couple in the crypto space. They are also, both really good friends with Gates and Wendy. Goddess and Wendy are irl friends. You can only imagine her awkward position while all this unfolded.

Being neutral in such a heated debate could be one of the hardest things I’ve done on Crypto Twitter. And as always Euci and Goddess were flawlessly successful.

It is a bit disheartening that Wendys emotional story was blurred by the commotion, yet it gave her the chance to fight her own fight, showing her class and maturity throughout the entire hour in the ‘troll box’. She went head to head with some nasty comments.

Surprisingly heaps of people we never imagined would show up to watch the show arrived with their popcorn in hands. Filling the ‘troll box’ with criticism and cheers.

As you would expect in any Mayweather boxing match, it is quite common to see celebrities sitting front row watching the fight and tonight felt no different, seeing the likes of: Cred, Loom, The Dog, Dum, Chardy, RnR, Rick, Dale, The Monk, Bird… Etc…

Beaxy Exchange came to see what the circus had to offer….

And even Brenna was curious.

Many of them most likely came with no expectation or more likely got sent a link to join the feud after the first punch was thrown. There was no shortage of tweets following this show.

While most seemed cheering for Tyson, some were actually rooting for Shill Gates.

Tyson in reply,

Shills unwavering friendship with Wendy payed off in some sense.

And some just didn’t take brutal honesty lightly.

Throught the show tweets like these can be seen for the rest of the evening.

And its quite obvious Tyson was the star attraction.

And some where just neutral…

It’s safe to say, it was a great second episode for @CTmZ_Live and we’ve set the bar kinda high. Lets hope we can continue to entertain ya’ll the way we did last night.

If you missed the episode here’s the link or just go to our homepage on @CTmZ_Live.


Written by:

Alby (@voice0fcrypto)

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