Block, Mute or suffer the opinions of others.

Personally, I have yet to block anyone on Twitter dot com. Mute is a last resort option in my opinion.

My reasons for this are my own. Maybe it’s because trolls and negative opinions of me don’t bother me enough or maybe I just enjoy the banter of back & forth dialogs with ignorant people, maybe I can learn something about myself from even the worst of trolls, regardless, it doesn’t make me lose any sleep.

Besides, anyone willing to take the time to troll you is obviously, in some form, interested in your existence. It’s that simple.

It is one thing to block a hard core troll but it’s another, to seriel block anyone who has an opposing opinion than your own, justifying it by saying “their negitive”.

Most likely they have opposing views and YOU’RE being negitive about it”.

This ‘go to’ blocking behavior has consequences that go way deeper than just a purge of negativity on your feed. It is more damaging to your own detriment than one might perceive and can easily stifle your growth as an individual.

Seriel blocking causes an artificial environment to surround you. It causes you to live unchecked and unchallenged. It causes you to believe your own bias by forcefully imposing and acknowledging only positive reinforcement and there for causing a false reality of who you are and your place in the world.

I’m not here to tell you what to do, I’m just stating my opinion on the matter and trying to insert that it is a behavioral attitude that most likely follows you into real life and not just social media.

‘Thick skin’ is something we should all strive for, because it is the adaptations of discomfort that helps us in life. Moments of confrontation happen more than they don’t and if one does not have the ability or ‘skin’ to handle such confrontations with ease, it will surely break your confidence every single time you are faced with one.

Slowly but surely you will find yourself constantly building walls around you to push out uncomfortable situations until you are nothing but an empty shell with opinions that only reside in your head.

How else do you learn about who you are and your subjective reality if it’s not done by bouncing you’re own ideas, perception and ideological beliefs off someone who has opposing views?

I’m obviously being very extreme and in no way do I believe you need to keep negativity around you, especially in real life. But check yourself from time to time and ponder! Are you disconnecting from this person cause they are draining your energies with negativity? Or are you upset that they disagree with your opinions.


Written by

Alby @voice0fcrypto

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