Send BTC or we blow the lid on 9/11 conspiracies!

If you are still ‘lagging‘ and have yet to follow the story of the infamous hacker group ‘Dark Overlordsand their latest threats to the deep state, than please ‘buffer‘ cause you dont want to miss this event unfolding.

Pay us in Bitcoin or we release all 18 thousand documents!” These are the threats of the hacker group known as ‘Dark Overlords‘. The documents they speak of are known to have been hacked and stolen from major insurance companies, law firms and government agencies that were involved with the aftermath of 9/11.

“If you do not play ball, we will release the encryption keys to the public! Your empire will collapse!

The supposed documents have already been confirmed ‘compromised’ by several firms whom suffered the hack.

The Dark Overlords warn “these documents will shed light on some of the conspiracies involving the events of 9/11″.

The infamous group have made it very clear they will only accept Bitcoin as ransom and they care not who pays. A price tag has been put on each and every document in their possession, totalling 18,000 docs.

The group went as far as to warn and give opportunities to anyone who was involved with these hacked firms: “Any politician, government agent or individual that suspects their name is shown on some of these documents, you may contact us, make a payment and we will delete those documents specifically“.

If the government wont pay, the public surely will“.

The Dark Overlords announced on Wednesday a “tiered compensation plan” in which the people could make payments in Bitcoin to unlock the troves of documents related to 9/11. The price tag? Around $2 million.

As of the writing of this article, the people would need to come up with no less than 490 Bitcoins if they want see the docs released.

So far the public has raised $12,000 in Bitcoin and the hackers released the encryption key to 650 documents. Not a bad deal at $18 per doc.

We encourage you to read the full post (link) on steemit by the hackers themselves.

NOW once again the spotlight is on Bitcoin and its safe to say it’s not a complementary one. Some are wondering why the hackers would even ask for Bitcoin when other currencies such as Monero are way more anonymous and private?

My thoughts:

There are two main issues with the scenario these hackers have put forth.

a) They are releasing records by layers 1-5 and all of the documents are categorized: 1 being least sensitive & 5 being most sensitive. Each layer gets released in accordance with the hackers receiving more Bitcoins. Also, each layer has its own price tag, layer 1 being the least expensive and layer 5 being the most expensive and most damaging. This means that the public might pay for the evidence that cause the least amount of damage, for example we pay for layers 1-4, while the government awaits quietly for layer 5 to be auctioned off and buys it without having to put up the full ransom amount for the rest of the layers. Basically, it seems the government is waiting for a discount.

b) The other problem, is that if no one pays the ransom at all, the group asserted that these documents will never see the light of day. “Pretty sad and immoral if you ask me”.


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Alby @voice0fcrypto

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