“Got Milked?”

2018 saw its fair share of scams. Scam ICOs, scam coins and its fair share of scam accounts on Twitter dot com.

We won’t dive into the whole list but allow us to name a few Twitter handles that got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.


We don’t know much, but ‘Crypto Profit’ seemed to dissappear a couple of months back. In his last weeks on Twitter he seemed to tweet a lot about his health spending much of his time at the hospital. Later it was revealed that he shilled a known scam. The truth about his health isn’t known and we hope it isn’t serious.


Coinsignals as we know it, was one of the biggest stories that broke in 2018.

CTmZ gathered bits and pieces of the event.

It seems Coinsignals built a name for himself early on as an excellent trader. With this image he later created a fund, a large fund! How much you ask?

$8 million is the number being tossed around by people in the know. “It seems his risk management was none existent” . He has since gone MIA.


2019 started off with its own share of dramas. In comparison to Coinsignals, Milky is cats game (no pun intended) lol.

What makes Milkys story more damning is that he literally DM’ed people for money settling for kind unsuspecting community members who fell for his stories of hardship and promises of paying them back. Milky had no such intentions. Lots of people from the community have posted about getting “milked by Milky” to the point where it has becone a meme.

Here is a story from someone we all know.

No one is really sure of the amount of money that Milky scammed from the community, some say it’s as much as $50k.

@Panama_TJ uploaded a conversation he had with milky showing exactly how he executed his scams via DMs.

We cannot stress enough, please be careful with whom you trust.


Written by:

Alby @voice0fcrypto

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